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Register of Executive Decisions: 73/2003/04


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EXEC 03129

Councillor Peter Perkins

(Deputy Leader : Schools & Children)

Submission No. 71Submission No.71

Appointment of LEA School Governors

Agreed the following appointments as LEA governors to the governing bodies listed below:

  1. Approved LEA Governor Appointments
School  Candidate
Allensbank Primary Ms Maureen Salamon
Creigiau Primary Mr Hywel Tudor
Cwrt-yr-Ala Junior Mrs P James
Glyncoed Infant Mrs Julianne Lowes-Davies
Glyncoed Infant Ms Maureen Salamon
Glyncoed Infant Ms Mireille Sloan
Grangetown Primary Ms Carole-Anne Davies
Llanedeyrn High School Mr Alvyn Morgan
Radyr Primary Mrs Gill Evans
Severn Infant Mr Owain Jones
Severn Junior Mr Simon Morea
Severn Junior Miss Emily Warren
Willows High Mr Paul Carde
Willows High Mrs Christine O'Connell
  1.  Approved LEA Governor Re-appointments
School  Governor
Baden Powell Primary Mrs O'Flaherty
Millbank Primary Mr Marshall
Trowbridge Infants Mrs A Teear
Ysgol Mynydd Bychan Mrs A Jones
  1. The County Council has a statutory duty to appoint LEA governors.

  2. Under Cardiff's Executive Functions Scheme of Delegations this is the responsibility of the Deputy Leader, (Schools & Children).
None 18/03/2004 19/03/2004 29/03/2004 Judith Smith

Submitted to Deputy Leader for Signature:

18 March 2004

Submitted to Chief Executive for Signature:

18 March 2004

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